Ready to take the next step toward healing your metabolism and rebuilding your relationship with food?  

Confused by the conflicting information surrounding nutrition and working out?  Tired of trying to figure it out on your own? Ready to take the next step in your fitness journey? 

Let an EM2WL team member coach you through a metabolism reset, personalized training and/or nutrition program.  Your customized program will be designed around your fitness goals and body type, using training techniques and nutrition guidelines to produce the best results.  Let us put your mind at ease by answering questions as to whether you are eating too much, too little, performing effective exercises with appropriate resistance, etc.  

Together we'll work to overcome challenges faced throughout your journey.


Metabolism Reset coaching includes:

  • EM2WL assessment of your BMR, TDEE
  • Step by step tweaking of calorie intake at each phase of the process
  • General nutrition guidelines
  • General training guidelines 
  • Weekly check-ins via email
  • Recommendations on advancement

Training coaching includes:

  • EM2WL assessment
  • Personalized goal-oriented, time-efficient training program to fit your lifestyle
  • Breakdown of recommended equipment for each plan
  • Warm-up and stretching/cool down routine
  • Video demonstrations of exercises
  • Workout plans accessible online or via mobile app
  • Record and track your progress
  • General nutrition guidelines
  • Weekly check-ins via email to keep you accountable and consistent

Nutrition coaching includes:

  • EM2WL nutrition assessment
  • Personalized nutrition program designed for your lifestyle, body type and fitness goals
  • Detailed nutrition instruction to help you relax when it comes to food selection
  • General training guidelines 
  • Weekly check-ins via email to keep you on track and moving forward

Plans available:

6 weeks - "Just curious" - Not sure if this is for me. I'm testing the waters to get a better understanding of the habits I will need for this lifestyle, with the knowledge that I will still have work to do after this. Nutrition Coaching only: $105, Workouts AND Nutrition Coaching: $140

12 weeks - "Let's do this" - I'm ready for a change, and need the coaching and accountability to hold me to this decision. I know this isn't a quick fix, but I need a bit of handholding until I catch my bearings.  Nutrition Coaching only: $190, Workouts AND Nutrition Coaching: $260

24 weeks - "All in" - I am fully convinced that my former ways are getting me nowhere. I have no intention of ever turning back, but I know that changes will not happen overnight. I need to see REAL changes, and I'm ready to put in the time it takes to make these changes happen...and STICK. Nutrition Coaching only: $340, Workouts AND Nutrition Coaching: $470

Personalized Coaching Plans

For 1-on-1 personal consult, check pricing and availability here.

About Tereza Toledo

I believe in a fit lifestyle that allows us to be our best selves while enjoying life, without restrictions and extremes. After I discovered my passion for fitness and personal development, my goal became to help women to improve themselves, becoming stronger and healthier, physically and mentally. I will support and guide you through your journey, so you can build your body and mind while healing your relationship with food.

Food and Chocolate Lover
Heavy Lifting Enthusiast

Action Fitness CPT

7 years of experience

About Joan ONeil

I believe it is important for all women to understand that they can reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle without starving themselves or by doing endless hours of exercises in the gym.
Together we will make realistic and attainable goals!

Fat Loss

Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA)

7 years of experience

About Trish Adams

I love ALL things fitness and nutrition! I share this love with my clients to help them become the best version of themselves. Too often our pursuit of improved health is complicated by misleading information all around us. My approach is to keep things simple, developing a few basic habits that will have you looking better and feeling incredible!

Womens Fitness Specialist
Passion for cooking good food
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Outdoor activities
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ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
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